About us

Our mission

We love nature and we know that it has the most to offer us, however it requires our protection. Therefore, we wanted to produce natural cosmetics which care for skin and make your skin look great following your natural rhythm and have an indirect impact on wildlife conservation.

Our goal was to offer creams that are effective, safe for skin and environment-friendly, creams that would be a part of your daily health routine.


The word “ESITO” derives from Italian and means ‘the result or end (of a matter)’. Esito brand was established as a result of numerous events, actions, hard work and awareness of the fact that what we apply on our skin is as import for our organism as healthy diet, contact with nature and good sleep.

Who builds Esito brand?

Agata Silczak

cofounder, Esito natural cosmetics manufacturer

I have been experiencing the benefits of changing my life style for few years. I feel how my self- awareness, wellbeing and skin look have changed since I focused on holistic approach.

I have realised that what we apply on our skin is equally as important as healthy diet or contact with nature.

I started to share my experience with others. Having seen their content, I felt I have a mission to spread it amongst other people. The solution how to do it came unexpectedly out of nowhere.

Jolanta Dyjakon

cofounder, Esito natural cosmetics distributor

At one point in my life I made a decision to live in the countryside. As it turned out later, it was one of my best decisions. I met Agata there who seemed to me as an overjoyed person focused on nature, its preservation and making the most of it.

As I always took up sport and I am not a stranger to healthy life style, we discovered quickly that we had a lot in common. That’s how are friendship began. After few years we made a decision to work together and share our expertise and experience.

Nothing in our life happens without any reason – my life convinces me of this simple truth every day.

Your face look does not depend only on cosmetics.

That is why...